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world-trade-center_full.jpg As the fifth anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. approaches, thousands of those, either in the vicinity of the World Trade Center that day, or who took part in the rescue and cleanup that followed, are coming down with a respiratory disease that is making them sicker than sick.

For those affected, the wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and nasty hacking cough are much like asthma. In fact, most cases are being diagnosed as just that. The flaw in this argument and the reason that it cries out for more scrutiny is that prior to that day most of those now reporting symptoms were asthma free.

Interesting, isn’t it? But as is to be expected, little is being done to get to the bottom of this matter, though this will probably change now that a high profile New York citizen is affected.

NYC Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington, who arrived on the scene at Ground Zero soon after the attack and was caught in the cloud when the first tower fell, according to UPI, became sick almost immediately after the attack and was hospitalized with a mysterious illness. He was later diagnosed with asthma, which he never suffered prior to the attack, and is now on several medications.

Late last year, according to the New York Post, Mayor Washington filed a New York State worker’s compensation claim to cover his doctors’ costs, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is appealing it.

This is understandable in light of the information to follow.

What was not published in the Post, or anywhere else for that matter, is the recent opinions of some in the medical community that some of those afflicted by the “mystery disease” may actually be suffering the affects of uranium poisoning and not the result of breathing asbestos, computer part fragments, and concrete powder, as they were led to believe.

Should these theories be correct and acknowledged, the City of New York and the Federal Government are looking at medical costs in the billions as uranium radiation poisoning is known to cause over time, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint and muscle pain, neurological and/or nerve damage, mood disturbances, auto-immune deficiencies, lung and kidney damage, vision problems, skin rupture, increase in miscarriages, maternal mortality and genetic birth defects/deformation.

As regular readers to this newslog might expect, the government, unwilling to accept financial responsibility, is doing little for those affected and is following the same deny, lie, and deny policy that they did in handling the soldiers suffering from Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Sadly for Uncle Sam though, in the case of GWS, the numbers do not lie. To date, of the 697,000 US soldiers involved in the first Gulf War, 250,000 troops are now permanently disabled, 15,000 troops are dead and over 425,000 are ill and slowly wasting away from what the Department of Defense still calls a “mystery disease”.

While it is true that the federal government is paying disability payments to many of the above, the dollar figure involved here is nothing when compared to what they would be forced to pay should GWS be confirmed to be caused by the effects of the depleted uranium used in armor piercing shells.

Now how does this DU theory apply to the events of September 11, 2001?

One theory worth investigating comes to us from writer, Greg Szymanski. In an article published on August 19th of last year, two high profile radiation experts, Leuren Moret, who has spent a life time working in the nuclear field, first as a staff scientist at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Laboratory in California, and now as a member of The Radiation and Public Health Project, and retired Army Maj. Doug Rokke, a PhD in educational physics and former top military expert, concur that the Pentagon strike involved the use of a missile, rather than a plane as in the official government scenario.

Szymanski‘ s article also claims that Geiger counter readings right after the attack showed high levels of radiation 12 miles away from the Pentagon crash site.

Similarly, Doug Rokke, in the same article, contends that a missile was used on the World Trade Center as well, identifying it as the source of the flash hitting the tower immediately proceeding the impact of the airplane.

Now, before we get sidetracked into a discussion of theories and alternate theories, there is a simple way to get to the bottom of this matter, which we should do now before the Good Samaritans of 911 start dying off from any of the horrible diseases previously mentioned.

This involves the use of a mass spectrometer to test for the presence of Airborne Uranium Particulates. Should said particles be found, the medical community would at least have a clear path to follow in treating this disease. Equally important, those afflicted and their loved ones would now know what it is that is killing them.

This is the responsible thing to do, though I do not for a minute expect the chimp and his enablers to do so. For the Bush administration, there are many downsides and only one upside.

Among the downsides, the cost factor, both the cost of the test and the billions that would be needed to settle the thousands of liability suits sure to follow a confirmation of this diagnosis.

Then there is the little matter of the Bush administration owning up to the fact that the official story of 911 may not be totally accurate. Knowing the bastards’ lied is one thing, but having proof, is a totally different matter.

Impeachments and trials would surely follow, the outcome being the devastation of the Republican Party as it is now configured. IWhen compared to the above, the upside, that it is the right thing to do, the humane thing, pales in comparison.

So, for now, this matter sits waiting for one man, one angry man to force the issue and fight to get to the bottom of all this. That man is Rudy Washington.

Mayor Washington, I and my readers wish you well.

Should it be proven that uranium poisoning is what truly ails you, I wish you the strength to use your position to break this case wide open and find peace and solace in the service that you are doing for the thousands similarly affected, and their families and friends.

God bless you man.




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