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Author: Pundit
Category: Hypocrisy Watch, Earth Watch


Rep. Richard Pombo — America’s #1 wildlife villain — has done it again. And this time he’s put our wolves, lynx and other forest wildlife at risk.

On two separate occasions last week,* Rep. Pombo voted to hand over our forests to his Big Timber buddies. As a result, millions of acres could be exposed to harmful logging practices. Worse, timber companies would get a free pass to harm, kill, and harass wolves, lynx and other endangered wildlife that live there.

These latest actions show that exposing Rep. Pombo’s miserable record just isn’t enough — he has made it clear he isn’t going to change his ways. That’s why we have to take the next step to save our wolves, lynx and other precious wildlife from Rep. Pombo’s schemes.

As Chairman of the House Resources Committee, Rep. Pombo holds the fate of wolves and other imperiled critters in his hands. Yet since taking office, he’s taken nearly a quarter of a million dollars in campaign contributions from big timber, oil and mining interests.**

And his reckless record speaks for itself. From drilling in the Arctic Refuge to selling off our national parks, dismantling the Endangered Species Act to handing over our forests to Big Timber, his proposals have been called “dim” and “slimy” by the Sacramento Bee and have been panned by newspapers across the country.

Voters in his district are catching on — Rep. Pombo faces the toughest re-election of his congressional career. Our latest poll shows his constituents are getting fed up with his shenanigans. Maybe that’s why he called in Vice President Cheney to host a fundraiser last night for his struggling campaign.

Defeating Rep. Richard Pombo is well within our reach — and will directly affect how our wildlife and wild lands are protected. With your help, we’ve already set up a campaign office in Rep. Pombo’s district, mobilized local wildlife supporters, and turned the spotlight on his dismal record. Now, we’re running an all-out campaign to defeat America’s #1 Wildlife Villain.

Rep. Pombo’s record is clear. He wants wolves’ homes to come under the chainsaw. He wants Arctic Refuge drilling to force polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs. He wants our wildlife laws gutted. In other words, lining his pockets with Big Timber dollars is more important than protecting our wildlife. No wonder he’s been named as one of the 13 most corrupt Members of Congress by a citizens’ watchdog group.***

But DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE won’t let him get away with it.

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