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Just when you thought you were done with the DPW deal to take control of our ports, it rears its ugly head again. Let’s review.

Dubai Ports World, a government owned ports operator from the United Arab Emirates, recently purchased the British firm P&O that had been operating as many as 16 ports in the United States. Underlings at The Bush Administration allegedly reviewed this purchase and determined that DPW was good to go to replace P&O as the operator of those ports. It didn’t seem to matter to them that The UAE had been a major financier of extremist Muslim terrorism throughout the world or that two of the September 11 hijackers were natives of The UAE.

As word of this deal got out to the public, members of Congress from both sides of the aisle started to scream about the challenge to our port security that would be the natural result of the completion of this deal. As a result, DPW agreed to sell their U.S. port operations to an American company. That seemed to end the problem.

But did it? Of course not! When La Cosa Nostra Bush is involved in anything, the problems are never resolved in a simple manner.

So, let’s begin at the beginning.

First, let me introduce you to the international private equity firm known as The Carlyle Group. Their business is to work with foreign investors who are interested in acquiring their own personal stake in America. Among their clients are all of the sheiks of those little countries that make up The United Arab Emirates.

And who are the principal shareholders and operators of The Carlyle Group? Let’s list just a few.

Most notable is, of course, George H.W. Bush, former President of The United States, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency and father of President George W. Bush.

Then there’s Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director
of the CIA, another wonderful guy who happens to also be on the board of The Rand Corporation, a Republican think tank that advises our government on Middle East policies.

Let’s not forget Jim Baker, former Secretary of State and Defense. Mr. Baker is most notable as the lawyer who defended the Saudi’s in a law suit filed against them by the survivors of the September 11 attacks and who also acted as George W. Bush’s surrogate in the Florida election disputes of 2000 that eventually installed Bush in the White House.

Just for good measure, add to this wonderful group John Major, the former British Prime Minister and Fidel Ramos, former President of the Philippines, and you have a who’s who of scoundrels and scallywags from around the world.

But wait, did I mention that The United Arab Emirates invested 80,000,000 dollars in The Carlyle Group a few years ago? I almost forgot that one!

Now, just a short time back, there was a railroad terminal operator known as CSX that had a president named John Snow. Mr. Snow sold all of his railroad’s terminals to The Carlyle Group, which then changed the name of the company from CSX to Heartland. Heartland was then quietly sold to interests of the various sheiks from, you guessed it, The United Arab Emirates. Then, just for good measure, President Bush, the younger, appointed John Snow as the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

So, here we are with The UAE already controlling some of our largest rail terminals, a fact which seems to never be mentioned in the mainstream press. Then, with just a little effort and a ton of money, they attempt to gain control of our major ports, but are stymied by some diligent members of our Congress. Dissatisfied with the fact that our Democratic process has actually worked, they agree to sell their interest in those ports to none other than the aforementioned Carlyle Group, in which they are a major investor.

Incest is generally described as sexual relations between members of the same family. If there is incest in business, the scenario I have just described fits the bill perfectly. In human incest, diseases are often inbred, resulting in critically ill or mentally challenged children. In business, the off spring are either monopolies or, in this case, dangerous combinations of businesses with the overall goal of world dominance.

That would be bad enough were it not for the religious fanatics that are behind the scenes in places like Saudi Arabia and The UAE. In the end, the members of the Carlyle Group may come to regret their dealings with those devils.

There is a fable about a man who saves a snake only to be bitten once the snake has regained its health. Perhaps the Bush’s, Baker and the others in The Carlyle Group should consult their mythology before they go any further in their dealings with these snakes, because in the end, our whole society will suffer from their venomous bites.


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