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Author: Pundit
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There is a group of right wing Republicans that do not believe in America, although they profess to be the true patriots. They do not accept the notion that we, the people, have the native intelligence to be able to choose our own leaders. They claim that they know best who should be in charge of our government and what that government should be permitted to do.

In the Presidential election of 2000, they prevented the man who should have been President from taking office by challenging ballots, preventing African Americans from getting to the polls in Florida and manipulating the justice system of our country. In 2004, they did it by messing with the computers that ran the voting machines in several states, arranging for too few machines to be placed in primarily Democratic precincts in Ohio and through voter nullification, the arcane practice of, among other things, telling prospective Black voters that they would be arrested if they showed up at the polls.

They would have had trouble doing these things in 2008 because the country was so sick and tired of them and their politics, that it might actually have been impossible for the Democratic candidate, no matter who that person was, to be defeated. So, what’s a Fascist to do?

The answer, while frightening, is just another example of who these people really are. They are trying to prevent President Elect Obama from taking office by claiming that he is not a natural citizen of the United States.

First, let me explain their rationale.

Article II, Section 1 of our constitution states:

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Essentially, that means that if you weren’t born here, you can never become President (sorry Ahnold!). To counter the will of the people, a group of right wingers has taken it upon themselves to “prove” that Barack Obama was not born in this country.

The available government records seem to indicate that Senator Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after it became a state. Even if he were to have been born there prior to Hawaii becoming a state, he would still have been considered a natural born citizen.

That would be fine for most folks, but for right wing nut jobs like radio personality, Alan Keyes, it isn’t good enough. These folks have opined that since the President Elect’s father was a Nigerian citizen, he might actually be Nigerian. Or, since his step father was an Indonesian, who took his family to live in his native country for a few years when he was a child, Obama is Indonesian. Or Saudi. Or a “Como se llama.” Or in the immortal words of Shania Twain, “Whatever?”

And, of course, who is helping them along in their legal battle to prove the unprovable? If you had guessed Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, you would have been right.

Yessiree Bob, who else but the two most self hating African Americans in history, Keyes and Thomas would be trying to unseat the first President of African descent? These guys are an embarrassment to their race and their country. Thomas, a man who became what he is by virtue of affirmative action, has never found a cause favoring of Black people that he could support, and Keyes is nothing more or less than the African American Pat Buchanan. These guys are racists, but the race they seem to hate most is their own. They are White Republican wannabes who don’t get the notion that no matter how they try to kowtow to the party leadership, in the back rooms at the Republican convention they will still be thought of as unequal.

There are some people that I have never understood being Republican. Not Republicans like Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt. No, those were Republicans who loved their country and did what they perceived to be right for America. Today’s Republicans, the Bush Republicans, are not of that ilk. They are haters. They are neither compassionate nor conservative. And, yet, some folks who are hated by the vast majority of those Republicans try to be a part of that party, thinking that if they espouse conservative view, they will be accepted.

These include gay people like the Log Cabin Republicans, women, Hispanics and African Americans like Keyes and Thomas. In the Republican Party they see the people they aspire to be, at the top of society’s hierarchy and never the subject of discriminatory actions. The problem is that the prevailing sentiment of most rank and file Republicans is that we will put up with you as long as you don’t move next door. They are the people that Phil Ochs described in his folk song, “Love Me, I’m A Liberal,” except they aren’t liberal in any way shape or form.

These are the people Keyes and Thomas would like most to become, but they won’t. To the Republican Party, each will always be what the number two guy in al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri called an abeed al bayit, a house servant, always obedient and polite to the master but never quite rising to the level of equality. Al-Zawahri used it as a slur against our incoming President, but, in reality, it really does provide a good descriptive of the mentality of Keyes and Thomas. That would be better described by “Yes sir. No sir. You’re so right sir. Black is White sir.” (from the song “Perspective” from the musical She Loves Me lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and music by Jerry Bock)

Certainly, both of these men have achieved great success, far above that of average citizens. Yet, in the smoke filled rooms of Republican caucuses, I would be willing to bet that they are regarded as less than equal, along with Secretary of State Rice and General Powell. In those rooms, each is still a house servant who will do as they are told when they are told. In the cases of Rice and Powell, that may have been proven wrong. I’m not so certain about Thomas and Keyes.

And they, Keyes and Thomas, are willing to attempt acts bordering on treason to undo the will of the American people. They, like the Swift Boaters of a previous election do not get it. They all seem to think that the Republicans are defending their country, but the reality is that they are doing anything but. The reality is that they are not helping anyone to succeed at anything, and they are doing everything within their power to prevent those who have earned equality and who or are entitled to certain benefits as veterans from receiving what is justly theirs. That is today’s definition of Republican leadership. They are not American patriots. They are American Fascists.

And that is the leadership that has give Keyes and Thomas their marching orders, either spoken or tacit, to overturn this election, to prevent the elected President from taking office and to throw our country into turmoil.

Both Thomas and Keyes are supposed to be smart men.

I somehow doubt that they are as smart as they think they are. If they were. they would not allow themselves to be the puppets of those who hate them as much as they hate themselves.

They will lose in their quest, and they will be shamed for trying to destroy our country. They should also be brought to trial for treason, but they won’t. We are, we believe, better than that.

Perhaps, we shouldn’t be!


One Response to “CITIZEN OBAMA”

  1. cpabooks Says:

    Oh please, your accusations are projections mirroring your own racism and prejudices (”These include gay people like the Log Cabin Republicans, women, Hispanics and African Americans like Keyes and Thomas.”)
    Why single out Keyes and Thomas? Scalia has selected a case for conference with the same argument as Donofrio’s but with a cleaner procedural history.
    What do you have against nailing down who is a “natural born citizen”. It seems to me that you are hyperventilating and exaggerating over the efforts of many patriotic Americans who truly act out of preserving the US Constitution.
    You call yourself a “Pundit”. Is that a hyperbole that was supposed to be funny too?

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